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Pipes, Bongs Online

The holiday season is upon us and there is no better way to bring in the festivities than by having an online shopping spree! Shops all over the internet are bringing out their big deals in 2010 with massive discounts and promotions. Have a look at a few of our featured deals and promotions below to get a sneak peek at what is being offered this season.

For flower lovers trying to score a special new water pipe for the vacation season, look no longer than this 12” triple matrix percolated piece from 420 Science. With a smooth scientific glass aesthetic, this straight 3mm thick borosilicate tube will generate enough percolation to filter any size toke for an easy, clean pull every time.




Lively debates in the cannabis industry have been prominent since the inception of legalization. One of the more widespread arguments is all about if a and culture should utilize the word marijuana in marketing materials, branding, and social media. As that conversation unfolds many industry veterans are asking themselves, “think about the term ‘recreational ‘?&rdquo ;.Should we be applying that adjective to the plant at all? In this information let’s explore the deeper meaning of these words separately, then together, and choose for ourselves.

The term marijuana arises from Mexican Spanish and has been previously spelled “marihuana” and “mariguana.” Some etymologists derived that the term could originate from Chinese “ma ren hua” which translates to “hemp seed flower.” Others claim that probably the Spanish word for marjoram (oregano), “mejorana,” could function as origin. Early texts also reference the plant as “mariguan,” “marihuma,” “marihuano,” and “marahuana.”

“CBD is rapidly becoming one of the main components of the current health and wellness movement. Consumers are increasingly looking to get into these non-psychoactive products and are counting on our Company and trusted brands to offer the education and consistency and quality they might require,” said GL Brands CEO Carlos Frias. “As we continue to develop our business, it is essential that people produce a more defined and sophisticated brand that embodies our mission to provide first-in-class consumer products, branding and packaging to the global CBD marketplace. Our evolution to GL Brands will reflect that mission as we continue to create out a strong portfolio of global hemp and CBD products, led by our premium Green Lotus™ and IrieCBD™ lines, that customers, retailers and distributors can turn to when searching for high-quality cannabis products.”


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